How do i play better defence in nba 2k13?

How do i play better defence in nba 2k13?

Postby adael » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:10 pm

i cant ****** stand how other people online intercept my passes all the time. and theres alot of passes they do that i should intercept thats bad passes and i cant do it!!! also when i set up my defence my players lag off and i have it set to moderate or play tight.

why are they sagging off? and how do intercept passes that i damn should be doing? is there a button or something? and its on ps3
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How do i play better defence in nba 2k13?

Postby benn » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:11 pm

Call a timeout during a game and go to your coaching settings. Then, change the defensive pressure all the way up and help defense all the way down. That way, your players won't sag off on bit, they'll be face-guarding them. Second off, if you want to steal more passes, I would consider setting up in a halfcourt man or a halfcourt trap. I wouldn't recommend full court because that will fatigue your players quite rapidly. Now, when the ball is in the air, press X to change your player. That will most likely switch you to the player the ball is going to. While it's in the air, direct your thumbstick towards the ball and press square which is, obviously, the steal button. You can also hold your right thumbstick upward to raise your arms and contest the passes. Last but not least, intense defense. Hold down L2 while your user controlled player is guarding the ball. This is intensify that players defense, and will make it twice and hard for the offensive player to dribble drive on you. Hope I helped, man!
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